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    • Product of digits of a two digit number in Java | AskTheCode

      How to find product of digits of a two digit number in Java | AskTheCode import java.util.Scanner; class productOfDigitsOfNumber{ public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter a two digit number: "); int n = sc.nextInt(); int product = 1; product = n % 10; n = n - product; n = n / 10; product *= n; System.out.println("The product is: "+product); } }

    • Print digits of a number separately in Java | AskTheCode

      How to print the digits of a number separately in java | AskTheCode import java.util.Scanner; class printNumberSeparately{ public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new Scanner(; System.out.println("Enter the number: "); int n = sc.nextInt(); int tmp = n, factor = 1; while(tmp != 0){ tmp = tmp / 10; factor = factor * 10; } while(factor > 1){ factor = factor / 10; System.out.print((n/factor)+" "); n = n % factor; } } }

    • #Problem Solving2 in Java | AskTheCode

      Problem in Java | Problem Solving | AskTheCode Question: Code: public class countHydraHead{ public static void main(String[] args) { int cut; for (cut = 1; cut <= 28 ; cut++) { headCount(cut); } System.out.println(cut); } static int headCount(int n){ int head = 1; return head*2; } }

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    • ATC Learning Environment | AskTheCode

      AskTheCode ⇐Click on your programming language Hey there, Welcome to AskTheCode Learning Environment. This is a place where you can get to know everything about becoming a pro coder. We provide you everything from class to course materials that you'll be needing throughout your learning session. Once you've completed your course, don't worry, you can still contact us and discuss anything programming problems with us here at We, ATC believes in clearing the programming concepts by comparing them with some general terms; this will help you understand and have a clear programming sight in a unique way or method. if they are given good guidance. Whether you belong to the coding sector or not, it doesn't matter to us at all. We can promise to make you a good programmer if you have an interest and desire to become it. We, Team ATC, believe anyone can be a good programmer of your preferred programming language. Currently, we provide classes for only C, C++, Java, and Python. We help you to step in and live the programmer's world by providing instructions, guidance, suggestions, and tuitions in your preferred language. We take responsibility to make you have a clear understanding ATC | AskTheCode

    • AskTheCode | Indian Developer Community

      Log in / Sign up This is indicating to Ask The Code community. Clear doubts about programming questions by getting its solution at AskTheCode. You can get answer to your programming question at AskTheCode quickly. AskTheCode - a community for coders Community for Coders So hey dear upcoming coders. In this digital world, everything is now online. Whatever doubts arrive, the answer is easy to get. But when you ask your programming questions , have you got all your solutions? If your answer is no, then within a few minutes, your answer will be yes. Because here you will get answers to your programming questions . Here we welcome all the curious coders, who want to be a great coder. Here we will give you answers to your questions related to coding. Whether your question, related to Java, Python, C, C++, or anything else related to coding. After coming here, now no more please answer my coding questions to others. Because you will be able to answer other questions related to coding. The main motive of creating this website, to find new talent and clear their doubts. If you don't know anything about the coding or you are a coder. This platform for both. Our main agenda is to clear the doubt of every coder. So let's come and join the Indian Developer Community . Now, no more, who will answer my question? Now, it's time to compete with the world and say, yes, I know about coding. Description about AskTheCode platform Benefits of joining the ATC community AskTheCode community members benefits and advantages. AskTheCode is a safe & secure online community for coders to ask your programming questions. Our community members can enjoy many benefits that will contribute a lot to their career as a programmer. Members can get their solutions relatively quicker than normal visitors and enjoy many interesting segments, which will be updated timely. Becoming a member, you can ask us to get answers your programming questions . Also, they have full navigation access to the website. Additionally, a Coding Solutions segment is only accessible by the members, where they can also share their views on any particular question. Here, you'll get every setup and even answer competitive programming that will help you to become an emerging coder. Moreover, there is another member-only area called ATC Community ; here, all our members can create groups and share their questions, solutions, or views over any programming language. Also, they can share helpful posts with their friends very easily. Further, our members can follow their best answer provider to get in direct contact with them, and similarly, they can also be followed by any other member. The most trending member will be chosen for some extra benefits. So please hurry up and and enhance your coding effortlessly. join our ATC community ABOUT ATC Contact US E-mail id Welcome coders! Come and ask your doubts at Ask The Code . ATC is a programmer community that is available to all. Here you don't need to pay anything. The only thing you need to pay is attention. It's free and for all. So let's be together and develop our India Developer Community as the most influential in coding. Join Team ATC and feel your developer path as hurdle free path. Just ask your programming questions here and get its solution in the quickest time. By being a member of our community, you will not only experience development in your coding skill but will be helping others too, due to which there will be no obstacle in the growth of our Indian Programmers. So come and shake hands with us, join team ATC. You just take a step, and we will help you cross all the obstacles in your coder part. So come forward, ask your doubts, get your answer, and emphasize your journey as a coder. Team ATC will be helping you to become efficient as well as a coder dispelled of any doubts. So come and be a part of our dream to accomplish your desire to be a doubtless coder. Subscribe Alert From Us Subscribe ATC You've been subscribed.

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