Problem Solving in Java #1

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Asked By: A friend from Abroad | Category: Java | #AskTheCode

You found an exciting summer job for five weeks. It pays $15.50 per hour. Suppose that the total tax you pay on your summer job income is 14%. After paying the taxes, you spend 10% of your net income to buy new clothes and other accessories for the next school year and 1% to buy school supplies. After buying clothes and school supplies, you use 25% of the remaining money to buy savings bonds. For each dollar you spend to buy savings bonds, you parents spend $0.50 to buy additional savings bonds for you. Solution in Java programming language.

The question needs the following outputs: a. income before and after the tax

b. money spent on clothes and other accessories

c. money spent on school supplies

d. money spent o savings bonds

e. money spent by the parents on the savings bonds. Here is the solution of the question; download the java file attached here and get the code. Join our community for keep having answers to all your programming questions. Happy coding😇.

Coding Solution
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