Hey Programmers, Welcome to ATC Journal.
Here is something that every programmer needs to have an outstanding career ahead. AskTheCode has started a journal for you guys covering all about the programming languages and codes, apps, and techs. What you have to do is nothing but reading the post and utilize the source. You may even learn coding at home simply by reading the programming section of the ATC Journal. Whether you are a beginner to the programming language or an advanced one considered as a job-ready programmer, the blog is for everyone. We will be covering all that a programmer needs. So, stay updated with the blog. And encourage the community. Happy Coding.

Some FAQ about Ask The Code & ATC Journal

What is “AskTheCode”?

AskTheCode is a community developed by a team of Indian Developers to help coders with their programming. Anyone from anywhere is most welcome at the site. Ask The Code is not only for Indian but from every corner of the world; just come and clear the code.

Why does it include the term Indian Developer Community? Is it only for the Indian programmers?

A group of Indian Developers started the community, so they included the term “Indian Developer Community.” Initially, Ask The Code was created by analyzing only Indian coders’ needs, but accordingly, Team ATC (core members) integrated it to help the people outside of India. Anyone from any corner of the earth can be a part of the community and enjoy a fantastic coding track.

How to be a part of “AskTheCode”?

To ask for the codes and join Team ATC, you can sign up via your Google account. And for the next time, you can sign in through that Google account. Thus, there is nothing to remember as a password, but your privacy is still secured.

How to ask the questions here at ATC?

To ask the code or any programming questions to Team ATC, go to the “Raise A Query” section, and ask your programming question.

Where to see the solutions to asked questions at Ask The Code community?

To see the solution to queries raised here at AskTheCode community, go to the Coding Solutions page, where you’ll see the answers. Team ATC always notifies you after posting the solution to your query.

What is ATC Journal?

ATC Journal is an initiative of Ask The Code to provide coders whatever knowledge and info they might need to stay updated and benefited. This journal page is a blog published by the Team ATC for a tech-savvy person.

Why stay tuned at ATC Journal?

ATC Journal is all about you, how you should enhance coding, how you can join an MNC and a lot of extra info to help stay updated with trends and techs. Ask The Code also gives you beneficial eLearning coupons free to support and make online courses accessible, especially the programming/coding related courses. You can find these coupons under eLearning coupons for free. Until then, Happy Coding.

Why join AskTheCode?

Ask The Code is the best solutions providing platform you’ll find throughout the web. We encourage the learner, no matter where he is belonging, from India or out of India.

But, our members are more privileged than this; we provide many excellent personalized and beneficial content (solutions, advisory, free eLearning coupons, and many more) to our coding community members.